Do I have to make a reservation for the Food Tour or book in advance?
Highly recommended! Reservations are not required for SAT and SUN, but a good idea in order to make sure you have a spot on the tour. Otherwise you can try to get in by just showing up at the meeting point approx. 15 minutes before 2 pm. The tour size is limited – First come, first serve (Does not apply to big groups! – Please contact us in advance). For MON – FRI you will need a reservation (made one day ahead) to be able to participate.

Do you run the tour year-round?
The tour takes places almost every day of the year – Except national holidays (ie. Orthodox Easter, Christmas, New Year and a few more). Please check our facebook page for updates.

Does the tour take place in every kind of weather?
Rain or shine – The guides will wait for you in any kind of weather. Please be dressed appropriately, as this is a walking tour asa well.

What do I get on the Food Tour?
You get a free guided tour around some of the trendy restaurants in Sofia as well each participant will receive free samples of many of the local and popular dishes. It is not a substitute for a full lunch though.

How many places will we visit?
We will visit four different places. They might vary from day to day depending on the circumstances.

We are a bigger group (more than 5 people) that wants to join the Food Tour. Do we have to notify you in advance?
It would be very nice if you did in order to ensure a nice experience for everyone.
Just give us a call at +359 87 761 3992, or send us an e-mail to Link text” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>info@balkanbites.bg.

I am a vegetarian. Will I still enjoy myself?
Of course. This food tour is meant to give everyone a glimpse into the Bulgarian cuisine which caters to both traditional and vegetarian diets. Let the guide know at the start of the tour so we can make the arrangements.

I am vegan/have food allergies. Will I still enjoy myself?              
This depends on you. We can try to cater to certain dietary restrictions, however, Bulgarian Cuisine is heavy on dairy so you  might not be able to taste a lot of the samples. It is still an informative and entertaining tour – even without all the bites 😉

We are traveling with small children. Will this be something they will enjoy?
You know your kids best. The tour is designed for adults primarily. We will be walking from stop to stop as well as explaining some of the historical significance of the food which might not be entertaining enough for kids.

I might be running late – Can I still join the tour?
Unfortunately not. For organizational reasons we cannot accommodate this. Try the next day, if possible!

If you don’t see the answer to your question, please tell us so we can add it to this list.